About Me

Hi there! I’m Jenn Sands,  wife, mother to two precious farm kids, Registered Nurse— and somewhere along the way, I truly became a farmers wife.   Why has this page been so hard to write? About me? I’m a wife, mother, RN–so let’s face it, the last thing I really think about is me.

So I am a town girl who grew up in a community in Northern Indiana.  The closest people to me who actually farmed were my grandparents who lived 1hr away.  I grew up loving their farm but lets face it, I never actually lived the farm life.  I just liked that they had animals and hay lofts to play in.

Enter Sophomore year of high school.   I met this farmer, he wore wranglers, a backwards hat & drove an old dodge truck.  He wasn’t like any of the guys at school and certainly was not like anyone I had ever dated.  So what’s a girl to do. Obviously, date him. Love him.

We started college and I was in nursing school at Ball State University.  I went to Spain and studied abroad in Spain for 2 months, Scott (my farmer) worked out west for Frederick’s Harvesting for 9 months.  We broke up, I wanted more I thought, he wanted to farm.  Thankfully, for me he never wavered in what he wanted.  Which was to build a farm & me.


We were married August 14, 2010. We moved into an old farmhouse his parents owned and my life as a farm wife began.  And so far has gone something like this:

I had a garden

 I started canning, from recipes I was desperately trying to remember that my grandma had showed me

I bought chickens

Bought Murphy- our little dairy feeder calf I bought from the 4-h auction one year.

My father in law got me a bottle calf for my birthday one year

I took meals to the guys in the field

Became active in our local Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers group

Got more chickens

Had our son William Carl Sands (named after our grandfathers, who were both farmers) 1/8/14

Bought our first farm 2/2014

Remodeled our house

Had our daughter Quinn Catherine Sands 8/1/15

And so life on the farm has continued……