What’s in that pork?

The other evening for dinner I made my family a delicious pork loin.  The pork loin had a herb rub on it that included; pepper, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and basil. I roasted it in the over for 45 minutes and served it with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.  Dinner was a success! 

So , as  I was eating that incredibly delicious (& easy) meal, I started to think about what was in that bite of pork and what was not.  I’m sure some of my readers have wondered too, so allow me to share.  In fact, I’ll just make a list–list making is kind of my thing.

  1. Corn/Soybean Meal/Minerals/Vitamins.  Well, not exactly am I biting into a piece of corn but those 4 things are the main components of a pigs diet.  The really cool thing about this is, since our hogs are Indiana hogs, we have all of these ingredients right outside our back door. The majority corn and soybeans that is used in our hogs feed, was grown locally by a farmer in Indiana! Talk about fresh!
  2. No hormones– hormones are not even allowed in the process of raising hogs. So when people start talking about growth hormones- NOPE, not in your pork!
  3. No antibiotics- NOPE, not going to happen.  Yes, the use of antibiotics are permitted in raising conventional hogs but there is a withdrawal time that must be followed.  So we, as farmers, may choose to use antibiotics to treat sickness in animals. Even if an animal is given an antibiotic, farmers and processors must allow a specific amount of time to pass before that animal is legal to slaughter. This “withdrawal period” allows time for the animal’s body to metabolize the antibiotic and the residues to exit the animal’s system before it is harvested. USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) randomly samples animals and tissues at the time of slaughter to test for residues, to ensure a safe food supply.      
  4. Protein.  24 grams/4oz of fresh, lean, and locally grown pork.  


Friends, I cannot even begin to share how proud my family is to grow Indiana pork.  It will be hard to find anything more fresh, safe, wholesome, and DELICIOUS for your family.

That’s it folks, nothing real fancy, nothing scary.  Where we raise hogs may look different from what it did 100 years ago but what goes into creating the ideal pork product hasn’t changed much.  And what has changed, has only evolved to help keeps pigs safe and more healthy.  

If you want to know for certain the pork you are buying at the grocery store is raised to the highest of standards and is literally farm to fork, buy Indiana Kitchen pork products.  Those Indiana Kitchen pork products you purchase for your family could have come from hogs directly from our barn.  We love our hogs and care for them just like they are truly apart of our family.  We choose to raise them ethically, safe, healthy and happy– therefore, you can be confident those pork products you buy under the Indiana Kitchen label are going to be superior.


But don’t just take my word for it, find Indiana Kitchen products at your local supermarket and see for yourself!

p.s. the bacon is my favorite (go figure)

xo, Jenn

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