Freezer Corn


freezer corn

Have you been wanting to start putting fresh produce away for the winter but the thought of canning kind of overwhelms you? I am writing this blog post for you!

If you want to save some of those summer flavors for the long winter months, but want to start simple, start with freezer corn!

First, you need to find a bulk supply of sweet corn if you didn’t grow it yourself.  Don’t buy this from a grocery store, you’ll pay way too much! Find a local farmer or go to your farmers market where you can get more bang for you buck.

I do not grow sweet corn.   One year our cows got out, headed straight for my garden, and ate all my sweet corn right before it was time to pick. Talk about disappointment.  

Anyhow, I haven’t planted sweet corn since so thankfully, our fellow neighboring hog farmers have bulk supply of sweet corn so I patronized them this year and am totally happy with their corn!

So on to the process, after you have your bulk supply you’re going to need to shuck and clean your corn.  This was the fun part for our 2 year old and well, see for yourself how I kept our 1 year old entertained….  


Whatever works, right?

Okay, so after you’ve cleaned all your corn, take it inside to wash and get the actual freezing process started.  

freezer corn

While washing the corn, I scrub off the last bit of any remaining silk off, and double check for any bugs–happy to say this was clean corn!

freezer corn

Add corn to boiling water on the stove, you want your corn fully submerged in the water.  I only put 5 ears of corn in at a time, which is not portrayed, at all, in the picture above.  

So do as I am saying (5 ears of corn in the boiling water at time) not 8 like you see above. amateur kitchen photography mistake.

Set your timer for 4 minutes, and let corn boil, covered,  for 4 minutes undisturbed.

freezer corn

In the meantime, always be vigilant for babies with sticky fingers for sweet corn….

But also, during these 4 minutes, get your ice bath ready.

freezer corn

When your 4 minute timer goes off, put your corn in the ice bath, this stops the cooking process.  I roll my corn around in the ice water a bit to make sure all sides get a chance to touch the ice water evenly.  As you continue, you’re going to need to add more ice to your water, it’s important that this is a true, really cold, ice bath.

Here is where the pictures fade out a little, lunch time for my kiddos happened, our 2 year old was desperately wanting to help me, and our 1 year old needed her nap.  So needless to say, I had to put my camera down for a bit.  But I’ll continue with the steps, sans pictures, here…

Okay, so after the ice bath, one by one, cut your corn off the cob.  I cut the corn on a cookie sheet that had sides to keep the corn in, but also had plenty of space for lots of corn to drop off.  

I used 5 ears of corn for each freezer quart sized bag I filled.  

So, cut off the corn from 5 cobs, immediately put in a freezer bag with the date labeled on it in permanent marker, squeeze out all the air, and seal tight.  Lay flat and transfer to the freezer.

And repeat.

freezer corn

I put away 10 quarts of sweet corn using 50 ears of corn.  After shucking the corn, it probably only took me one hour to get all the corn into the freezer.  This is quick and easy!

You guys, this is SO simple.  I’m almost hesitant to post this because I feel like everyone already knows this.  But for anyone just getting into freezing and preserving food, this is a great place to start and perfect timing , sweet corn is ripe and ready in Northern Indiana.

Enjoy! You’ll love this flavorful summer like treat, I’m telling you the flavor is perfection with freezer corn,  especially during those long winter months!

Happy freezing, 


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