The Hardest Part of Agvocating

The hardest part of agvocating has to be this new level of transparency that you want to give to your readers.  I am a private person by nature, it’s just not me, to be spreading my life and opinions all over social media.

I’m afraid I am not the only one either, I feel that perhaps farmers in general are private. It may just be apart of our farm genetics somehow, I’m not really sure, but I do believe this to be true. Sometimes, that private nature we have, comes off as being quiet, as though maybe we don’t have much to say.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth, I think this quietness is directly related to the humble nature of the farmer.  A farmer just chooses to do their hard work well, and with all their heart, but doesn’t always take the time to talk about it.  Perhaps because, they’re not wanting to sound boastful or above somebody else. Even add in the level of exhaustion after a long day of choring and that makes it a little more difficult to want to sit down and write or talk about what they do.




So I guess that is where I came in.  I am the farmers wife and love helping on the farm but will be honest when I say that 99% of the responsibility weighs on my farmer.  Sure, I can get in there with the pigs any day but now I have 2 young kids to care for, that makes it tricky.  Also, when the pigs start to outweigh me,  I don’t always feel my most confident around them.

I knew that I genuinely wanted to tell our families story with the work that we do in agriculture.  I followed several farm blogs and loved reading and learning about different areas of agriculture that I was not as familiar with.  But, I am not familiar with many hog farmers, who raise pigs like we do, telling their story.  I knew that it is a good story to tell, and needs to be told.

You won’t see tons of real clear pictures of my kids on here, or anything else that I may define as sacred and just my own.  I am not here to give my personal opinions on every topic you see scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook.  I will not bash another farmer or the way your family may choose to eat, whether that be vegan, organic, or good old meat & potatoes.

I am only here to tell our story.  To let you, as the consumer, see how and where your food is raised.  I pray that you see the passion and love we (& all farmers) have for our livestock and the land that our Lord as entrusted us to care for.


I believe there is more than just one way to farm.  You still have producers who are holding true to the way their ancestors farmed and you have farmers who have welcomed the advances in agriculture so that they can better feed the world.  Not one way is perfect or right.  We live in a country where choice and freedom are strong.  All farmers can and should work together, learn from each other, and know that our end goal is the same.  To feed people, eliminate world hunger, be good stewards of the land, and leave our farm better than it was before we started.

So this blog is here to tell a story.  Ultimately, my prayer is that this blog reinforces trust and confidence in the American farmer and the food they produce.  I want everyone to feel safe in the product they are feeding their families.  Not everyone has the privilege, ability, or luxury of being able to grow their own food anymore and that is where I would like to think that my family steps in with the hogs we raise.

Thank you for reading and for your support.  I will be transparent with what we do on our farm, even if it is a little out of my comfort zone.


xo, jenn


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