Checking Cows

We went out tonight after supper to check our cows.  We know calving season is here because we walked into the barn yesterday morning to a new bull calf.  So, we are carefully watching the rest of the pregnant cows.  

I decided to bring my camera- mainly because the cows got into our hayfield again and I knew I could get some cool pictures of the cows against that bright green grass.  Luckily, I had great subjects to capture–cows, calves, & my own babies with their daddy.


farm boy

My guys, checking out our newest bull calf born 3/25/16, with his momma watching closely behind.


Talking cattle, I’m sure.


those blue eyes melt your momma, sweet girl!


Quinn, my littlest love, almost 8 months


Will wanted nothing to do with standing still & taking pictures; momma, I have to check cattle! My Will is an old soul. 


Quinnie Winnie girl


Ah, thats enough ma

angus cows

goodnight all

xo, jenn


9 thoughts on “Checking Cows

  1. The best pictures ever! I love the orange Sands Farm jacket on Quinn!
    Will is such a farm boy already!
    Love you all! ?
    Mom/Nay, Nay

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