4 Points to Know About Farming

Happy Good Friday everyone!

When I really think about what Jesus did for us today, I am brought to my knees. Honestly you guys, I have never watched movies like the Passion of the Christ, because I can hardly handle what Jesus did for us.  I think I am weighed down by the enormity of what He gave, I feel almost, guilty and sad and thankful and humbled….. Let’s just say, emotions about what Easter truly means for me, my husband, my kids, and all my brothers in sisters in Christ, really get to me during Holy Week.

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Okay, I just wanted to write a quick little post today about 4 things I want you all to know about farming.  I really want to help educate, dispel misconceptions, and put faith back into American Agriculture. Because I am telling you, it is good!  As I have said before, there are many opinions about the way crops, livestock and farming is done in this modern day and age.  Most of the farms in this day and age, do not look like our grandparents farm. (see pictures below)  Let me say, I love the nostalgic memory of my great grandparents and grandparents farm where they raised a little bit of everything-row crops, beef cattle, dairy cattle, chickens, and pigs.  

 4 points to know about modern farming
Scherer Farm, where my grandparents instilled a love of agriculture (and becoming a nurse!) in me.
 4 points to know about modern farming
Sands Farms, one of the first pictures we have of our main farm today. The farm was established in 1846, and I would imagine this picture was taken sometime after that.

Since I am not originally a farm girl, I have had to learn all about farming too! I truly did not understand modern day farm life until sometime after I married my farmer.  Nothing like being totally immersed in something to learn it! So I made a little list of 4 things I want you to know about farming in regards to the food you/we eat.


  1. Farmers are not poisoning your food.  So this is something I feel, and I know many farmers feel very serious about.  We have heard things that would suggest that farmers are putting chemicals, or antibiotics into the food we eat, which in turn makes it unsafe for the consumer.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  For example, we use herbicides  (weedkillers),  killing weeds that could potentially harm and reduce the yields of a corn, soybean, or wheat crop. If we didn’t take this measure to protect corn crops, acres and bushels of crop could be lost.  What does this mean for the consumer? If there wasn’t enough grain to meet consumer demand you could see many things affected such as, an increase in the price of simple popcorn to an increase in the price of hamburger.  We eat the same products that we produce for the consumer. 4 points to know about modern farming
  2. Farmers are more efficient. The way our ancestors farmed wasn’t exactly efficient by todays standards.  Yet, the way they farmed was perfectly okay back then because so many more people farmed and far fewer people lived in our world then! In our world today farm and ranch families comprise just 2% of the U.S. population!  Things like GMO’s, herbicides, and larger livestock facilities has helped the U.S. farmer produce better and more product for the consumer.  We live in a world where farmers are more productive than ever but people are still starving.  If advances in agriculture would not have evolved into the more efficient business we have today, we can be certain that the number of starving people in the world would be much higher. What a sad thought.4 things to know about modern farming
  3. The farm industry is diverse. There is more than just one way to farm.  You still have producers who are holding true to the way their ancestors farmed, think of the Amish community in many areas of the country. And you have farmers who have welcomed the advances in agriculture so that they can better feed the world.  Not one way is perfect or right.  We live in a country where choice and freedom are strong.  All farmers can and should work together, learn from each other, and know that our end goal is the same.  To feed people, eliminate world hunger, be good stewards of the land, and leave our farm better than it was before we started.4 things to know about modern farming
  4. Be a smart consumer. I am no  farm expert by any stretch but I do pride myself in self education.  I won’t necessarily pay more for chicken at the grocery store just because it says GMO free or because it say, beef raised without antibiotics.  I will try and write a post in the future about being a smart consumer looks like, and what all those labels really mean.4 things to know about modern farming

In conclusion, I want everyone to feel safe about the food they are feeding their family.  Please, if there are ever any questions about agriculture, I will try and answer them.  Like I said, I am no Ag expert, I am a Registered Nurse by training, but will help you find any answers to agriculture questions you may have.


xo jenn

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